Project Kits

Bottle Project Kits

Bottle Project Kits Bottle Project Kits are easy, fun and functional.
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2 in 1 Bottle Opener and Wine Corkscrew Kit: Chrome9R240.00
Bottle Opener Kit: Chrome22R60.00
Bottle Opener Kit: Chrome2R150.00
Bottle Opener Kit: Gold18R45.00
Bottlestopper Kit: Mini Teardrop S/Steel8R120.00
Bottlestopper Kit: Stainless Steel22R80.00
Cork Extractor Kit: Chrome5R160.00
Corkscrew - Bottlestopper Kit7R95.00
Jar Lid Opener Kit: Stainless Steel21R60.00
T Handle Corkscrew Kit14R130.00
Vegetable & Fruit Peeler Kit: Stainless Steel21R85.00
Bottlestopper Kit: Chrome3R60.00

Candle Holders and Sticks

Candle Holders and Sticks Candles and candle holders can bring a sense of softness, warmth and serenity to a room.
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Candle Holder Kit with Holder: Classic Brushed Satin12R260.00
Candlestick Kit: Standard (Brass Cup & Base)7R130.00

Coffee Grinder Kits

Coffee Grinder Kits Perfect for coffee lovers and food lovers alike
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Coffee Grinder: Antique Copper4R300.00
Coffee Grinder: Bronze5R380.00
Coffee Scoop Kit (1 Tablespoon)4R210.00
Coffee Scoop Kit (2 Tablespoon)10R250.00

Cutlery Kits

Cutlery Kits Serving Utensil Kits. All these kits are crafted from chrome plated stainless steel and they will make a great gift for the foodie. They are easy to make on a 7mm mandrel and our kit configuration gives you the opportunity to create multiple design variations for your turned handle.
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Cheese Knife Kit: Stainless Steel10R20.00
Cheese Plane Kit: Stainless Steel12R47.00
Deluxe Cake Knife Kit3R220.00
Deluxe Serving Spoon Kit8R215.00
Deluxe Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Kit5R300.00
Ice Cream Scoop Disher Kit3R210.00
Lazy Susan Bearing: Aluminium Alloy (40cm/16inch)1R199.00
Premium Barbeque Grill Tool Set3R395.00
Premium Pizza Spatula: Round5R157.00
Premium Pizza Spatula: Triangle7R130.00

Desk Accessories

Desk Accessories The individual desk top pen holders come in a varity of configurations. They can be mixed and matched with pens and other accessories.
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Bookmark: Chrome18R20.00
Chalk Holder Kit: Chrome15R125.00
Executive Swivel Funnel: 24K Gold8R170.00
Memo Holder17R35.00
Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool Kit: Chrome13R170.00
Universal Funnels: 24K Gold16R99.00

Flashlight Kits

Flashlight Kits Don't be left in the dark! This handy flashlight kit makes a beautiful and convenient torch that you can easily carry around in your pocket.
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3-in-1 Flip Stylus, Pen and LED Kit: 24K Gold3R215.00
3-in-1 Flip Stylus, Pen and LED Kit: Chrome4R175.00
3-in-1 Flip Stylus, Pen and LED Kit: Gun Metal13R200.00
Ultrabright LED Flashlight Kit: Chrome and 24kt Gold6R255.00
Ultrabright LED Flashlight Kit: Gun Metal and 24K Gold3R245.00

Keyring Kits

Keyring Kits Keyrings are fun to turn, either for yourself or to make thoughtful gifts for family or friends. Easy to make with basic straight cuts on the lathe.
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Detachable Bolt Action Style Keychain Kit: 24K Gold41R98.00
Detachable Bolt Action Style Keychain Kit: Chrome7R98.00
Key Ring Kit: 12K Gold4R25.00
Key Ring Kit: Chrome16R25.00

Letter Opener Kits

Letter Opener Kits The perfect companion for your pen and pencil set.
Quick and easy to turn with basic straight cuts on the lathe.
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Letter Opener Kit: 12K Gold25R69.00
Letter Opener Kit: Chrome15R65.00

Novelty Kits

Novelty Kits A mixture of different items.
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Premium Brass Hammer Kit3R230.00
Spinning Top Kit: Gold5R75.00

Perfume Pen Kits

Perfume Pen Kits Perfume Pen kits make super gifts for ladies who like to keep their favourite perfume in a convenient, handbag-sized holder.
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Perfume Pen Kit: 12K Gold14R47.00
Perfume Pen Kit: Chrome50R45.00

Pocket Stylus Kit

Pocket Stylus Kit Never be without a stylus again! These stylus kits come with a plug for convenient attachment to your tablet or mobile device!
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Pocket Stylus Kit: 24K Gold20R55.00
Pocket Stylus Kit: Chrome26R60.00
Pocket Stylus Kit: Gun MetalOut of StockR55.00... more info
Sold Out
Smartphone Stand and Stylus Kit: 24K Gold3R160.00
Smartphone Stand and Stylus Kit: Chrome4R180.00
Smartphone Stand and Stylus Kit: Gun Metal4R180.00

Razor Kits

Razor Kits You've taken pleasure in creating the fun and easy-to-make Bullet-Style and Bolt-Action pens. Now you can enjoy the same style in these various Razor kits!

This large, substantial Magnum-Style Razor kit replicates the magnum cartridge found in centre-fire rifles. It is the perfect gift for any sportsman or hunter looking for a close, comfortable and truly unique way to shave. The Magnum Razor kit accepts the Gillette® Mach3® razor - one of the world's most popular razor blades.
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Magnum Razor Kit (Mach3): Black Titanium4R255.00
Magnum Razor Kit (Mach3): Chrome11R165.00
Monarch Brush Kit (Includes Brush)(Mixed): ChromeOut of StockR305.00... more info
Sold Out
Monarch Brush Kit (Includes Brush)(Pure): Chrome6R340.00
Premium Razor & Brush Stand Kit: Chrome17R210.00
Safety Razor & Monarch Brush Kit (Includes Brush): ChromeOut of StockR450.00... more info
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Safety Razor Kit: Chrome - SUPPLIER CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCKOut of StockR175.00... more info
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Sewing Project Kits

Sewing Project Kits
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Interchangeable Crochet Hook Kit Set4R500.00
Seam Ripper and Stiletto Kit (2 in 1): Chrome15R150.00
Seam Ripper Kit (Single Blade): 24K Gold11R120.00
Seam Ripper Kit (Single Blade): Chrome17R120.00


Bushings Having the right bushings is essential for making quality pens
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2 in 1 Bottle Opener and Wine Corkscew Bushing Set2R85.00
3-in-1 Stylus, Pen & LED Flashlight / Chalk Holder Bushing Set10R70.00
Chalk Holder / 3-in-1 Stylus, Pen & LED Flashlight Bushing Set3R70.00
Coffee Scoop Bushing Set (p)2R70.00
Cork Extractor Bushing Set7R90.00
Cutlery Kit Bushing SetOut of StockR75.00... more info
Sold Out
Detachable Bolt Action Style Keychain Kit Bushing Set (p)2R80.00
Magnum Razor Bushing Set (p)3R100.00
Monarch Brush Bushing Set3R60.00
Pocket Stylus Bushing Set (p)8R55.00
Safety Razor Bushing Set (p)6R70.00
Seam Ripper Bushing Set (p)18R90.00
Smartphone Stand and Stylus Kit Bushing Set2R70.00
Spinning Top Bushing Set (e)1R25.00
Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool Bushing Set (p)4R80.00
Vegetable & Fruit Bushing Set (e)19R25.00
Slimline Bushing Set (p)51R30.00
LED Flashlight Bushing Set (p)3R85.00
Letter Opener Bushing Set (e)3R18.00
Perfume Pen Bushing Set (e)12R30.00

Pen Mills & Barrel Trimmers

Pen Mills & Barrel Trimmers Simplify the job of getting perfectly flush barrel ends on your pen
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Pen Mill: 7mm Tube5R32.00

MT2 Mandrels & Centres

MT2 Mandrels & Centres Pen mandrels, mandrel live centres, spur drive centres and quality live centres
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
PSI MT2 Mandrel14R360.00
MT2 Mandrel Saver Tailstock Live Centre11R315.00

MT1 Mandrels & Centres

MT1 Mandrels & Centres Pen mandrels, mandrel live centres, spur drive centres and quality live centres
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
MT1 Mandrel Saver Tailstock Live Centre18R315.00

High Speed Steel (HSS) Drill Bits

High Speed Steel (HSS) Drill Bits High quality, high speed, tool steel drill bits that cut through acrylics and wood efficiently and retains a sharp edge longer. The durable sharp edge makes these drill bits more efficient than standard bits and the efficient cutting action reduces overheating.
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
HSS Twist Drill Bit: 5mm2R18.00
HSS Twist Drill Bit: 8mm10R70.00
HSS Twist Drill Bit: 10mm11R125.00
M6 Tap6R120.00
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
HSS Twist Drill Bit: 7mm14R55.00
HSS Twist Drill Bit: 9mm10R85.00
HSS Twist Drill Bit: 12.5mm10R190.00

Standard Drill Bits

Standard Drill Bits Affordable drill bits for your project
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Brad Point Drill Bit: 7mm8R45.00
Brad Point Drill Bit: 10mm5R68.00

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