Manipulator Pen Kits

Premium Quality Manipulator Pen Kits

Premium Quality Manipulator Pen Kits This multi-purpose kit conveniently combines several tools! It functions as a pen, screwdriver (both Flathead and Phillips) and mesh stylus. **Note: screwdriver can be a handy tool for eyeglasses.
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Premium Manipulator Pen Kit: Chrome9R140.00  R126.00


Bushings Having the right bushings is essential for making quality pens
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Premium Manipulator Bushing SetR70.00

Pen Tubes

Pen Tubes Use these replacement barrel tubes to turn another blank if you make a mistake, or to built up your stock of pen barrels.
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Premium Manipulator Pen Tube SetR27.00

High Speed Steel (HSS) Drill Bits

High Speed Steel (HSS) Drill Bits High quality, high speed, tool steel drill bits that cut through acrylics and wood efficiently and retains a sharp edge longer. The durable sharp edge makes these drill bits more efficient than standard bits and the efficient cutting action reduces overheating.
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HSS Twist Drill Bit: 8.7mmR105.00

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