Cross-Style Refills

Cross-Style Refills A range of refills in different colours to fit Cross-style twist pens
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Cross-Style Refill: Black49R12.00
Cross-Style Refill: Blue23R10.00
Cross-Style Refill: Red23R9.00

Parker-Style Refills

Parker-Style Refills Parker-style refills in a range of colours to fit twist and click pens that take Parker-style refills
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Slimline-Pro Gel Refill: Blue9R8.00
Slimline-Pro Gel Refill: Red14R8.00
Economy Parker-Style Refill: Black26R6.00
Economy Parker-Style Refill: Red50R10.00
Parker-Style Refill: Black109R12.00
Parker-Style Refill: Blue86R12.00
Slimline-Pro Gel Refill: Black50R10.00

Rollerball Refills

Rollerball Refills Refills for your rollerball pens
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Gel Rollerball Refill: Blue50R27.00
Schmidt Rollerball Refill: Black180R29.00
Jr. Gentleman Rollerball Refill: Black89R10.00

Mini Refills

Mini Refills Refills for Teacher and Mini Pen Kits
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Refill Spacer for CLICK Fancy Pen Kit20R2.00
Teacher / Mini-Pen Refill: Blue70R4.00
Teacher / Mini-Pen Refill: Black41R4.00
Teacher / Mini-Pen Refill: Green46R5.00
Teacher / Mini-Pen Refill: Red7R4.00
Refill Guide for Teacher Pen1R4.00

Fountain Pen Ink

Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges, plungers and ink for fountain pens
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge (Pack of 5): Black41R22.00
Fountain Pen Refillable Ink Cartridge-Converter: Large46R4.00
Fountain Pen Refillable Ink Cartridge-Converter: Small9R7.00
Jr. Gentleman Ink Cartridge (Pack of 3): Black29R12.00
Fountain Pen Refillable Ink Cartridge-Converter: Piston-Type90R5.00
Fountain Pen Refillable Ink Cartridge-Converter: Screw-Type22R20.00

Pen & Pencil Mechanisms

Pen & Pencil Mechanisms Replacement mechanisms for pens and pencils
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Parker Style Pencil Lead Mechanism67R20.00
Pencil Lead 2B Refills (Pack of 100): 0.7mm18R49.00
Pencil Lead 2B Refills (Pack of 12): 0.9mm6R20.00
Pencil Lead 2B Refills (Pack of 20): 0.5mm3R34.00
Pencil Lead Refills (Pack of 10): 2mm4R45.00

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