Turning Chisels

Easy Turning Tools

Easy Turning Tools Easy Woodturning only requires our 3 easy to use Carbide Cutter Heads and there is a specific tool for each one. Each super sharp and long lasting cutter will make clean cuts on any material. You only need to hold the tools flat and level to get the same great results on spindles and bowls.
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
1/2" (12.7mm) Lexan Chip Deflector4R475.00
1/8" (3.2mm) Easy Parting ToolOut of StockR2,245.00... more info
Sold Out
3/8" (9.5mm) Lexan Chip Deflector3R475.00
Easy Start Detailer4R1,149.00
Easy Start Finisher5R1,149.00
Easy Start Rougher7R1,149.00
Easy Tool Level1R79.00
Full-Size Easy Detailer (With spare Ci4 Diamond Shaped Carbide Cutter)4R2,499.00
Full-Size Easy Finisher1R2,499.00
Full-Size Easy Rougher1R2,650.00
Mid-Size Easy Detailer1R2,199.00
Mid-Size Easy Finisher1R2,199.00
Mid-Size Easy Rougher3R2,199.00
Mini Easy Detailer3R1,649.00
Mini Easy Finisher2R1,749.00
Mini Easy Rougher1R1,749.00
Pro Easy Detailer (With spare Ci4 Diamond Shaped Carbide Cutter)3R2,929.00
Pro Easy Finisher2R2,699.00
Pro Easy Rougher (With spare Ci1-R2 Cutter)2R3,248.00

Easy Hollowing Tools

Easy Hollowing Tools Best tool for under-cutting hollow forms The Easy Hollower was designed to offer a revolutionary new approach to turning hollow forms. These patended tools allow any skill level to achieve professional results for hollowing work with minimum effort and worry. Available in four sizes. Technical Info: The Hollower tools are 100% CNC machined on all surfaces, except the bottom, from solid stainless steel plate (not bent round bar).
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Full-Size Easy Hollower #32R2,499.00
Mid-Size Easy Hollower #12R2,478.00
Mid-Size Easy Hollower #22R2,537.00
Mid-Size Easy Hollower #32R2,552.00
Pro Easy Hollower #32R2,989.00

Genuine EWT Carbide Cutters

Genuine EWT Carbide Cutters Grade, Grind and Geometry. These are the 3 G's of the perfect Carbide Cutter. Thousands of man hours has been invested in finding the perfect combination of variables. It also shows the quality of the Cutters, the sharpness of the edges and the life you get from each one.
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Ci0 / Round Carbide Cutter3R350.00
Ci1-R2 / 2" Radius Carbide Cutter3R249.00
Ci1-R4 / 4" Radius Carbide Cutter3R249.00
Ci1-SQ / Square Carbide Cutter11R249.00
Ci2-R2 / 2" Radius Carbide Cutter6R249.00
Ci2-SQ / Square Carbide Cutter11R249.00
Ci3 / Round Carbide Cutter3R299.00
Ci4 / Diamond Shaped Carbide Cutter5R319.00
Ci5 / Round Carbide Cutter5R289.00
Pi1 Carbide Cutter8R249.00

Roughing Gouges

Roughing Gouges Roughing gouges are essential for every woodturner's tool box. Typically the first tool to be used on every project to reduce the size and prepare your timber for finer turning.
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19mm: Hamlet Spindle Roughing GougeOut of StockR875.00... more info
Sold Out
44mm: Hamlet Spindle Roughing GougeOut of StockR1,599.00... more info
Sold Out

Bowl Gouges

Bowl Gouges Used for roughing, slicing and shearing cuts on the outside of bowls, and for roughing and finishing on the inside of bowls. Usually ground to an angle between 55o and 65o according to user preference.
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
6mm: Hamlet Bowl Gouge2R639.00
10mm: Hamlet Bowl GougeOut of StockR799.00... more info
Sold Out
13mm: Hamlet Bowl GougeOut of StockR980.00... more info
Sold Out
16mm: Hamlet Bowl GougeOut of StockR1,599.00... more info
Sold Out
19mm: Hamlet Bowl GougeOut of StockR1,500.00... more info
Sold Out
25mm: Hamlet Bowl Gouge1R2,049.00

Spindle Gouges

Spindle Gouges Detail tools for between centres on parallel grain. For beads, coves and profile work on vases, cups and shaped work.
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
6mm: Hamlet Spindle Gouge1R439.00
9.5mm: Hamlet German Spindle Gouge2R799.00
10mm: Hamlet Spindle GougeOut of StockR479.00... more info
Sold Out
12.7mm: Hamlet German Spindle GougeOut of StockR730.00... more info
Sold Out
13mm: Hamlet Continental SpindleOut of StockR645.00... more info
Sold Out
19mm: Hamlet Forged Spindle GougeOut of StockR675.00... more info
Sold Out
19mm: Hamlet Continental SpindleOut of StockR910.00... more info
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Heavy Duty Scrapers

Heavy Duty Scrapers
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
13mm: Hamlet Heavy Duty Bowl Scraper1R759.00
19mm: Hamlet Heavy Duty Bowl ScraperOut of StockR849.00... more info
Sold Out
25mm: Hamlet Heavy Duty Bowl Scraper1R1,119.00
25mm: Hamlet Heavy Duty Domed Scraper1R1,220.00
25mm: Hamlet Heavy Duty Round Scraper1R1,099.00
25mm: Hamlet Heavy Duty Skew Scraper (Left Hand)1R880.00
25mm: Hamlet Heavy Duty Skew Scraper (Right Hand)1R880.00
38 x 9.5mm: Hamlet Heavy Duty Bowl Scraper1R1,369.00
38 x 9.5mm: Hamlet Heavy Duty Round Scraper1R1,369.00
38 x 9.5mm: Hamlet Heavy Duty Square Scraper2R1,369.00

Skew Chisels

Skew Chisels The skew chisel is the most versatile and invaluable tools for every turner. Almost exclusively used when turning spindles. It will plane, turn beads, make 'V' cuts, pummel cuts and turn long, shallow coves. It can also be used to create dovetails for various chucking methods. It is available in many forms and sizes from micro to huge: 3mm (1/8in) to 38mm (1 1/2in).
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
12.7mm: Hamlet Standard Skew ChiselOut of StockR440.00... more info
Sold Out
10mm: Hamlet Round Skew Chisel2R439.00
13mm: Hamlet Round Skew ChiselOut of StockR539.00... more info
Sold Out
13mm: Hamlet Oval Skew Chisel1R599.00
19mm: Hamlet Oval Skew ChiselOut of StockR629.00... more info
Sold Out
19mm: Hamlet Radiused Edge Skew ChiselOut of StockR629.00... more info
Sold Out
25mm: Hamlet Rolled Edge Skew ChiselOut of StockR700.00... more info
Sold Out
31mm: Hamlet Oval Skew ChiselOut of StockR1,049.00... more info
Sold Out
25.4mm: HSS Versa Chisel4R480.00

Parting Tools

Parting Tools The parting tool is one of the most frequently used tools on the bench. Parting uses a blade-like cutting tool plunged directly into the workpiece to cut off the workpiece at a specific length. It is normally used to remove the finished end of a workpiece from the stock that is clamped in the chuck.
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
1.6mm: Hamlet Parting ToolOut of StockR469.00... more info
Sold Out
3mm: Hamlet Parting ToolOut of StockR569.00... more info
Sold Out
4.76mm: Hamlet Diamond Parting Tool1R615.00

Design Tools

Design Tools Captive ring tools are designed to help you produce that perfect captive ring. Bead forming tools make bead-cutting easy and consistent. If your project requires numerous rings to be cut, this tool will produce them quickly and consistently to produce a professional finish in good time.
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Henry Taylor Decorating Elf Texturing Tool2R800.00
Henry Taylor HSS Cylinder Cutter (for Decorating Elf)2R120.00
Henry Taylor HSS Bud Cutter (for Decorating Elf)2R120.00
6mm: Hamlet Bead Forming Tool1R555.00
6.35mm: Hamlet HSS Coving Tool - Negative Rake with Handle1R275.00
6.35mm: Hamlet HSS Point Tool - Negative Rake with Handle1R258.00
9.5mm: Hamlet Bead Forming Tool1R519.00
10mm: Hamlet Bead Forming ToolOut of StockR539.00... more info
Sold Out
10mm: Hamlet Detail Gouge Long Grind1R499.00
10mm: Hamlet Long & Strong Detail Gouge2R899.00
13mm: Hamlet Detail Gouge Long Grind1R649.00
13mm: Hamlet Combination Left & Right Captive Ring Tool1R535.00
13mm: Hamlet Long & Strong Detail Gouge2R999.00

Other Tools

Other Tools General woodturning tools
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
10mm: Hamlet Bedan ToolOut of StockR597.00... more info
Sold Out
6mm: Hamlet Square Hollowing Tool1R499.00
6mm: Hamlet Square Hollowing Tool - 45 Degree Bend1R649.00
6mm: Hamlet Square Hollowing Tool - 80 Degree Bend1R649.00
7.9mm: Hamlet Long Hole Boring Tool2R1,099.00
9.5mm: Hamlet Long Hole Boring Tool1R1,199.00
Hamlet Recessing Tool for use with Thread Chasers1R599.00
Hamlet Thread Chaser Pair Male & Female: 18 TPI1R1,899.00
Nova Dovetail Chisel4R349.00

Multi Tip Scrapers

Multi Tip Scrapers
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Hamlet Deep Hollowing Tool with Cutter1R1,399.00


Chisels The right tool for the right job - great value, high quality turning and carving chisels
Item NamePriceAdd:
Hamlet: 5 Piece Box SetR2,450.00
Hamlet: Bowl and Spindle Turning SetR2,975.00
Hamlet: Pen Turning SetR1,200.00... more info
Sold Out

Multi Tip Scrapers

Multi Tip Scrapers
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Hamlet Round, Pear & Square Cutters On Stem2R1,199.00
Hamlet Swan Neck Hollowing Tool With Cutter1R1,679.00
Spare Cutter: Swan Neck3R328.00
Spare Cutter: Pear3R280.00
Spare Cutter: Round2R215.00
Spare Cutter: Square2R250.00

Sharpening Systems

Sharpening Systems Sharpening systems to enable you to perfectly sharpening your chisels, getting a smooth consistent grind every time. This tool speeds up your sharpening process, allowing you to spend more time turning and less time sharpening. It improves accuracy and smoothness of grinding, allowing you to produce a professionally sharpened tool every time. Because its angles are repeatable, it removes only a fraction of the tool on every grind, making your tools last up to three times longer. This is an essential for every turner.
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Nova Sharpening Centre3R2,350.00

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