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Charnwood Lathes

Charnwood Lathes For over 40 years now, Charnwood has supplied woodworking machinery and tooling, suitable for everyone from hobby enthusiasts, to professional trade users.
Item NameWeightQty.PriceAdd:
Charnwood Universal Lathe Floor Stand20000 grams11R2,000.00
Charnwood Universal Lathe Floor Stand Extension12000 grams5R1,200.00
Charnwood W815 Mini Lathe20000 grams5R3,800.00
Charnwood W815 Mini Lathe & W810 Chuck20450 grams3R4,650.00
Charnwood W824 Extension Bed10000 grams3R1,450.00
Charnwood W824 Midi Lathe40000 grams5R7,600.00
Charnwood W824 Midi Lathe & Nexus 3 Chuck42325 grams4R9,215.00
Replacement Charnwood W815 Carbon Brush20 grams15R185.00
Replacement Charnwood W815 Drive Belt100 grams7R185.00
Replacement Charnwood W824 Carbon Brush20 grams18R185.00
Replacement Charnwood W824 Drive Belt100 grams2R185.00

Charnwood Woodworking Machinery

Charnwood Woodworking Machinery
Item NameWeightQty.PriceAdd:
Charnwood Woodworking Bandsaw (Bench) 10"30000 grams1R4,300.00
Charnwood Woodworking Bench Grinder 8"17000 gramsOut of StockR1,895.00... more info
Sold Out
Charnwood Woodworking Disc and Belt Sander 6" Bundle20000 grams1R3,700.00
Charnwood Woodworking Double Bevel Mitre Saw 305mm24000 grams1R5,400.00
Charnwood Woodworking Drill Press 13mm Chuck26000 grams2R3,320.00
Charnwood Woodworking Dust Extractor (Portable)30000 grams1R3,800.00
Charnwood Woodworking Table Saw (Dust Free)11000 grams1R2,800.00
Charnwood Woodworking Universal Stand20000 grams6R1,811.00
Charnwood Woodworking Vacuum Extractor (with Connector)10000 grams6R2,450.00
Magnetic Flexible Light with 28 LED's1400 grams9R610.00
Replacement Blade (10mm): Bandsaw (Bench) 10"200 grams2R200.00
Replacement Blade (10mm): Bandsaw (Bench) 8"200 grams3R200.00
Replacement Blade (13mm): Bandsaw (Floorstanding) 12"200 grams2R248.00
Replacement Blade (6mm): Bandsaw (Floorstanding) 12"200 grams3R228.00
Replacement Dust Extractor (Portable) Bags: Pack of 10500 grams5R171.00
Replacement Pair of Clamps for Charnwood Universal Stand1500 grams6R600.00

Nova Lathes

Nova Lathes Quality wood lathes at great prices
Item NameWeightQty.PriceAdd:
Control Box Pan Head Screw for Nova Comet II10 grams20R10.00
Controller Box for Nova Comet II1039 grams2R2,899.00
Handwheel Tailstock Handle for Nova Comet II48 grams10R99.00
Motor 230V for Nova Comet II3940 grams2R3,999.00
Toolrest for Nova Comet II438 grams5R439.00
External Circlip for Nova Comet II1 grams8R9.00
Internal Circlip Headstock Bearing for Nova Comet II5 grams8R19.00

Lathe Copy Attachment + Templates

Lathe Copy Attachment + Templates For the NOVA COMET II, JET, DELTA, TCLPRO & TCLPROVS lathes. Automate the difficult and tedious job of duplicating complex and repetitive turnings. Easily mounts and unmounts from your lathe. Duplicate from pattern or 3-D originals up to 10" long. Depth of cut 1". Included HSS cutter is ground both sides. Fully assembled. Includes FREE instructional DVD and 2-sided HSS cutter.
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
2-Up Chess Steel Template Set1R435.00
3 pc Slimline Pen Template Set 11R255.00
3 pc Slimline Pen Template Set 22R255.00
HSS Cutter for Copy Attachment35R220.00


Chucks A range of chucks suitable for most purposes
Item NameWeightQty.PriceAdd:
Charnwood MT1 Tailstock Drill Chuck: 13mm415 grams3R300.00
Charnwood Nexus3 Chuck2165 grams9R1,850.00
Charnwood Viper2 Chuck1050 grams9R1,800.00
Charnwood W810 Chuck450 grams3R890.00
Easy Wood Tools Chuck with 1" (25.4mm) - 8tpi3063 grams1R6,299.00
MT1 to MT2 Converter Sleeve102 grams17R99.00
Viper 2 Chuck and Jaws Set in Aluminium Case2990 grams1R2,980.00
Nova G3 Comet II Reversible Chuck (with 50mm Jaws)1895 grams4R2,170.00
Supernova2 Chuck (with 50mm Jaws)2430 grams4R2,599.00
MT2 Tailstock Drill Chuck: 13mm490 grams10R320.00

Charnwood Nexus Chuck Jaws & Accessories

ImageItem NameQty.PriceAdd:
Charnwood Nexus3 Chuck Bowl Reversing Jaws 5"Charnwood Nexus3 Chuck Bowl Reversing Jaws 5"6R465.00
Charnwood Nexus3 Chuck Long Nosed JawsCharnwood Nexus3 Chuck Long Nosed Jaws6R495.00
Charnwood Nexus3 Chuck PIN JawsCharnwood Nexus3 Chuck PIN Jaws6R465.00
Charnwood Nexus3 Chuck Round Jaws (Serrated)Charnwood Nexus3 Chuck Round Jaws (Serrated)5R465.00
Charnwood Nexus3 Chuck Stepped JawsCharnwood Nexus3 Chuck Stepped Jaws5R465.00
ImageItem NameQty.PriceAdd:
Charnwood Nexus3 Chuck Jumbo JawsCharnwood Nexus3 Chuck Jumbo Jaws5R495.00
Charnwood Nexus3 Chuck Pen JawsCharnwood Nexus3 Chuck Pen Jaws7R495.00
Charnwood Nexus3 Chuck Power Grip JawsCharnwood Nexus3 Chuck Power Grip Jaws2R465.00
Charnwood Nexus3 Chuck Spare Jaw Screws Set of 8Charnwood Nexus3 Chuck Spare Jaw Screws Set of 835R85.00
Charnwood Nexus3 Face Plate RingCharnwood Nexus3 Face Plate Ring6R300.00

Charnwood Viper Chuck Jaws & Accessories

ImageItem NameQty.PriceAdd:
Charnwood Viper2 Aluminium Carry CaseCharnwood Viper2 Aluminium Carry Case4R350.00
Charnwood Viper2 Chuck Pen JawsCharnwood Viper2 Chuck Pen Jaws2R285.00
Charnwood Viper2 Chuck Stepped JawsCharnwood Viper2 Chuck Stepped Jaws5R280.00
ImageItem NameQty.PriceAdd:
Charnwood Viper2 Chuck Bowl Reversing Jaws 5"Charnwood Viper2 Chuck Bowl Reversing Jaws 5"5R465.00
Charnwood Viper2 Chuck PIN JawsCharnwood Viper2 Chuck PIN Jaws3R280.00
Charnwood Viper2 Chuck Wide JawsCharnwood Viper2 Chuck Wide Jaws3R285.00

Nova Chuck Jaws & Accessories (Chuck not included)

ImageItem NameQty.PriceAdd:
Nova Infinity Jaw Slide KitNova Infinity Jaw Slide Kit15R999.00
Nova Chuck 45mm Spigot JawsNova Chuck 45mm Spigot Jaws12R519.00
Nova Chuck Long Nosed JawsNova Chuck Long Nosed Jaws13R639.00
Nova Chuck Power Grip JawsNova Chuck Power Grip Jaws7R919.00
Nova Chuck Woodworm ScrewNova Chuck Woodworm Screw13R159.00
Nova Universal SpannerNova Universal Spanner5R179.00
ImageItem NameQty.PriceAdd:
Nova Infinity Retro Fit Kit (Clips)Nova Infinity Retro Fit Kit (Clips)27R499.00
Nova Chuck Cole Jaw Buffer KitNova Chuck Cole Jaw Buffer Kit1R259.00
Nova Chuck Mini Step JawsNova Chuck Mini Step Jaws2R399.00
Nova Chuck Spare Jaw Screws KitNova Chuck Spare Jaw Screws Kit10R59.00
Nova Chuck Spares KitNova Chuck Spares Kit8R129.00

Easy Chuck Jaws & Accessories (Chuck not included)

1 3/8" (35mm) Easy Reach Dovetail Jaws1 3/8" Easy Reach Dovetail Jaws1R1,253.00
12" (305mm) Big Easy Jaws12" Big Easy Jaws2R2,450.00
2 3/8" (60mm) Easy Dovetail Jaws2 3/8" Easy Dovetail Jaws2R1,199.00
20" (501mm) BIG Easy Jaw Extensions20" BIG Easy Jaw Extensions1R1,599.00
3 1/2" (89mm) Easy Stepped Dovetail Jaws3 1/2" Easy Stepped Dovetail Jaws1R1,810.00
Aluminium Faceplate 1" (25.4mm) x8tpi x 3" (76mm) DiameterAluminium Faceplate 1"x8tpi x 3" Diameter1R479.00
1/2" (12.7mm) Easy Reach Dovetail Jaws1/2" Easy Reach Dovetail Jaws1R1,199.00
16" (406mm) Big Easy Jaws16" Big Easy Jaws1R2,979.00
2" (51mm) Easy Reach Grippers2" Easy Reach Grippers1R529.00
3 1/2" (89mm) Easy Reach Dovetail Jaws3 1/2" Easy Reach Dovetail Jaws2R1,699.00
Aluminium Faceplate 1" (25.4mm) x8tpi x 2" (50.8mm) DiameterAluminium Faceplate 1"x8tpi x 2" Diameter1R359.00
Aluminium Faceplate 1" (25.4mm) x8tpi x 4" (101.6mm) DiameterAluminium Faceplate 1"x8tpi x 4" DiameterOut of StockR629.00... more info
Sold Out

Chuck Inserts

Chuck Inserts
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Easy Spindle Adapter 1 1/4" (31.8mm) -8 tpi to 1" (25.4mm) -8 tpi2R699.00
Charnwood Chuck-Insert: 1"(25.4mm)x8tpi7R250.00
Spindle Converter: 3/4" x 16tpi2R222.00
Nova Chuck-Insert: 3/4''(19.05mm)x16tpi RH2R199.00
Nova Chuck-Insert: 1 1/4" x8tpi RH5R299.00
Nova Chuck-Insert: Blank Insert22R379.00

Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment Proper eye protection is an essential part of turning
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Charnwood Elipse Integra P3 RespiratorOut of StockR900.00... more info
Sold Out
Charnwood Elipse P3 Nuisance Odour Respirator3R450.00
Replacement Elipse Integra P3 Respirator FilterOut of StockR175.00... more info
Sold Out
Replacement Elipse P3 Nuisance Odour Respirator Filter10R200.00
Safety Wear: Disposable Mask (Pack of 5)28R40.00
Safety Wear: Clear Faceshield1R180.00

MT2 Mandrels & Centres

MT2 Mandrels & Centres Pen mandrels, mandrel live centres, spur drive centres and quality live centres
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
MT2 Super Drive Crown Centre: 1"4R363.00
PSI MT2 Mandrel3R360.00
MT2 Mandrel Saver Tailstock Live Centre11R315.00
MT2 Live Centre3R288.00

MT1 Mandrels & Centres

MT1 Mandrels & Centres Pen mandrels, mandrel live centres, spur drive centres and quality live centres
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
MT1 Tailstock Centre Set: 9 Piece and MT2 Converter Sleeve1R590.00
MT1 Mandrel Saver Tailstock Live Centre5R315.00

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