Pen Making Tools


Bushings Having the right bushings is essential for making quality pens
Item NamePriceAdd:
Duchess Bushing SetR56.00
Economy Jr. Gentleman Bushing Set (New Size)R45.00
Fancy .308 Rifle Bushing SetR30.00
Magnum Razor Bushing SetR100.00
Premium Bullet-Style (Click) Bushing SetR78.00
Premium Executive Bushing SetR80.00
Premium Longwood Bushing SetR60.00
Premium Over and Under Shotgun Fountain / Rollerball Bushing SetR80.00
Premium RAW Pen Bushing SetR81.00
Safety Razor Bushing SetR65.00
Premium Magnetic Vertex Supreme FOUNTAIN Bushing SetR110.00
Premium Churchill Bushing SetR52.00
Premium Classic American Bushing SetR60.00... more info
Sold Out
Premium Comfort Bushing SetR50.00
Economy Designer Bushing SetR30.00
Premium Majestic Bushing SetR66.00
Economy Polaris Bushing SetR25.00... more info
Sold Out
Premium Slimline Bushing SetR30.00
Premium Streamline Bushing SetR46.00
Letter Opener Bushing SetR18.00
Item NamePriceAdd:
Economy Euro Filigree Bushing SetR25.00
Economy Tambourine Bushing SetR20.00
Magnetic Fridge Pen Bushing SetR35.00
Premium Apollo Bushing SetR104.00... more info
Sold Out
Premium Eclipse Bushing SetR53.00
Premium Gearshift Bushing SetR81.00
Premium Olympian Bushing SetR78.00
Premium Phoenix Bushing SetR62.00
Premium Revolver Bushing SetR85.00
Premium Magnetic Vertex ROLLERBALL Bushing SetR75.00
Economy Chairman Bushing SetR48.00
Premium Cigar Bushing SetR52.00
Economy Classic Twist Bushing SetR23.00
Premium Concava Bushing SetR75.00
Premium Euro Bushing SetR53.00
Premium Jr. Majestic Bushing SetR75.00
Economy Sierra/Gatsby Bushing SetR31.00
Economy Slimline-Pro Bushing SetR32.00
Premium Wall Street Bushing SetR58.00
Perfume Pen Bushing SetR30.00


Chucks A range of chucks suitable for most purposes
Item NameWeightQty.PriceAdd:
Pen Blank Drilling Lathe Spindle Chuck550 gramsOut of StockR1,139.00... more info
Sold Out
MT2 Tailstock Drill Chuck: 13mm490 grams8R300.00
MT1 Tailstock Drill Chuck: 13mm415 gramsOut of StockR200.00... more info
Sold Out

Drilling Vises

Drilling Vises Drilling vises to improve the efficiency of drilling your pen blanks
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Drilling Centre Vise8R980.00  R830.00

Pen Assembly Tools

Pen Assembly Tools Tools for easy assembly or disassembly of your pen
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
Digital Vernier6R280.00
Pen Disassembly Set: 28 Piece with Vice GripOut of StockR750.00... more info
Sold Out
Pen Assembly Press9R870.00  R750.00
Pen Disassembly Set: 28 PieceOut of StockR600.00... more info
Sold Out
Pen Disassembly Vice Grip5R199.00

Pen Mills & Barrel Trimmers

Pen Mills & Barrel Trimmers Simplify the job of getting perfectly flush barrel ends on your pen
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
HSS Tipped Cutter 4 Edge Head: 5/820R160.00
HSS Tipped Cutter 6 Edge Head: 3/4"23R79.00
Pen Mill: 10.7mm Tube3R50.00
Pen Mill: 13mm Tube6R80.00
Carbide Tipped Cutter Head: 3/4"Out of StockR310.00... more info
Sold Out
Pen Mill: 7mm Tube2R32.00
Pen Mill: 8mm Tube5R40.00
Pen Mill: 9.5mm Tube3R53.00
Pen Mill: 10mm Tube4R60.00
Pen Mill: 11.5mm TubeOut of StockR68.00... more info
Sold Out
Pen Mill: 12.35mm Tube3R76.00
Pen Mill: 14.5mm Tube2R95.00
Pen Mill & Barrel Trimmer Set: 3/4"11R240.00

MT2 Mandrels & Centres

MT2 Mandrels & Centres Pen mandrels, mandrel live centres, spur drive centres and quality live centres
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
MT2 MandrelOut of StockR300.00... more info
Sold Out
PSI MT2 Mandrel5R360.00
MT2 Mandrel Saver Tailstock Live Centre2R315.00
Replacement Mandrel Shaft21R55.00
Brass Thumbscrew81R33.00

MT1 Mandrels & Centres

MT1 Mandrels & Centres Pen mandrels, mandrel live centres, spur drive centres and quality live centres
Item NameQty.PriceAdd:
MT1 Live Centre and MT2 Converter SleeveOut of StockR185.00... more info
Sold Out
MT1 Tailstock Centre Set: 9 Piece and MT2 Converter Sleeve3R590.00
PSI MT1 MandrelOut of StockR360.00... more info
Sold Out
MT1 Mandrel3R300.00
MT1 Mandrel Saver Tailstock Live Centre7R315.00

Monthly Specials For December

Pen Assembly Press
Pen Assembly Press
R870.00  R750.00
Drilling Centre Vise
Drilling Centre Vise
R980.00  R830.00

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