Finishing Products


Abrasives Sanding pads, papers and pastes for all turning applications
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Mesh Sanding Sheet (Pack of 10): 120 grit3R40.00
Mesh Sanding Sheet (Pack of 10): 240 grit3R40.00
Mesh Sanding Sheet (Pack of 10): 320 grit2R40.00
Mesh Sanding Sheet (Pack of 10): 600 gritOut of StockR40.00... more info
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Abranet (80 grit)91R30.00
Abranet (240 grit)67R30.00
Abranet (400 grit)84R30.00
Aluminium Oxide Sanding Pad: Fine15R10.00
Aluminium Oxide Sanding Pad: Medium11R10.00
Aluminium Oxide Sanding Pad: Microfine1R10.00
Credit Card Diamond File Set8R175.00
Disc Sander8R371.00
EEE-Ultra Shine Paste Wax: 250mlOut of StockR380.00... more info
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HUT Crystal Coat15R230.00
HUT Ultra Gloss Plastic Polish32R230.00
Micro-Mesh Cloth-Backed (9 Piece Finishing Set)9R460.00
Micro-Mesh Sponge-Backed (9 Piece Finishing Set)10R310.00
P1 One Step Cutting Creme: 500g4R70.00


Glues Good value, quality glue products for your turning projects
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Cyanoacrylate Superglue 20g: Thick Consistency22R34.00
Cyanoacrylate Superglue 20g: Thin Consistency25R34.00
Cyanoacrylate Superglue 50g: Thick Consistency22R67.00
Cyanoacrylate Superglue 50g: Thin Consistency17R67.00
Instant Bond Accelerator: 200ml Aerosol31R90.00




Gorilla products work when others fail, the first time, every time, helping people around the world build, create and repair. Those people come here to learn more about our products, how they work and what they can accomplish. They get together with other Gorilla fanatics to share ideas and tell a story or two.
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Gorilla Duct Tape 32m2R216.00
Gorilla Duct Tape 9m (Handy Roll)5R67.00
Gorilla Epoxy Clear 25ml1R110.00
Gorilla Glue 2oz (59ml)5R100.00
Gorilla Glue 4oz (118ml)4R141.00
Gorilla Glue 8oz (236ml)3R238.00
Gorilla Mounting Tape Clear5R119.00
Gorilla Mounting Tape Heavy Duty6R119.00
Gorilla Super Glue 10mg (Brush and Nozzle)6R107.00
Gorilla Super Glue 15mg22R97.00
Gorilla Wood Glue 4oz (118ml)6R57.00
Gorilla Wood Glue 8oz (236ml)4R81.00

Wax Finishing Products

Wax Finishing Products High quality waxes and wax-based liquids and pastes for fast, quality finishing that brings out the natural beauty of the wood - for all turning applications
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Beeswax Blend: 70mlOut of StockR33.00... more info
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Traditional Paste Wax: 250ml3R241.00
Woodturners Waxtik: 50gmOut of StockR169.00... more info
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Carnauba Wax Bar13R115.00

French Polishing

French Polishing A selection of quality french polishing products
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Shellac (Dewaxed White): 500mlOut of StockR364.00... more info
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General Purpose Finishing

General Purpose Finishing
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Bear Paw Acrylic PolishOut of StockR35.00... more info
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