Salt & Pepper Kits

Pen Tubes

Pen Tubes Use these replacement barrel tubes to turn another blank if you make a mistake, or to built up your stock of pen barrels.
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Tube Set for Salt & Pepper MIll6R22.00

Crushgrind Salt/Pepper/Spice Mills

Crushgrind Salt/Pepper/Spice Mills Mills that work with salt, pepper or spice!
These quality Crushgrind mill mechanisms are sold with a 25 year manufacturer guarantee. The precision grinding mechanism produces fresh salt, pepper or spice with a twist of the top. Select fine to coarse by tightening or loosening the knurled knob on the bottom of the mechanism.
Easy to fit, with no springs or screws.
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Crushgrind Salt/Pepper/Spice Mill: Baby 100mm12R160.00
Crushgrind Salt/Pepper/Spice Mill: Bottom-Fit15R160.00
Crushgrind Salt/Pepper/Spice Mill: 135mm23R170.00
Crushgrind Salt/Pepper/Spice Mill: 195mm13R180.00
Crushgrind Salt/Pepper/Spice Mill: 260mm15R190.00
Crushgrind Salt/Pepper/Spice Mill: 285mm23R210.00
Crushgrind Salt/Pepper/Spice Mill: 470mm13R250.00

Distinctive Peppermills

Distinctive Peppermills Distinctive peppermill mechanisms mounted on a blank of your choice.
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4" Mini Salt or Peppermill Kit: Black Enamel10R125.00
4" Mini Salt or Peppermill Kit: Chrome13R125.00
6" Mini Tabletop Peppermill Kit: Black Enamel12R150.00
6" Mini Tabletop Peppermill Kit: Chrome1R150.00
Easy Elegance Salt & Peppermill Mechanism6R175.00
Mini Tabletop Salt & Peppermill Kit: Chrome7R115.00
Salt & Pepper Mill Kit: Chrome7R235.00
Pepper Grinder Mechanism: Copper5R330.00

Salt & Pepper Shaker Kits

Salt & Pepper Shaker Kits Make a matching set of salt and pepper shakers to adorn your dining table.
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MINI Salt & Pepper Shaker Kit: Chrome20R138.00
Salt and Pepper Shaker Kit (S&P)7R226.00


Bushings Having the right bushings is essential for making quality pens
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Salt & Pepper Mill Bushing Set15R38.00
Salt and Pepper Shaker Kit (S&P) Bushing Set5R120.00


Chucks A range of chucks suitable for most purposes
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Jam Chuck: 2W x 3L x 3/8 SH (Elegance S & P)70 grams6R350.00

Forstner Bits

Forstner Bits A Forstner bit is used in furniture making and other woodworking projects. They are primarily guided by the outside rim. This means that they can be used to drill pocket holes, which are holes drilled at an angle; partially overlapping holes; and holes that are on the edge of the material. Note that the central spur in the bit is used to locate and demarcate the center-point as opposed to being the drill guide.
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Extender (Forstner Bits): 3 inchOut of StockR145.00... more info
Sold Out
Forstner Bit: 1-1/16 inch13R255.00
Forstner Bit: 1-1/2 inch16R230.00
Forstner Bit: 2.04 inch (Elegance S & P)8R125.00
Premium MT2 Mill Drill for Crush Grind Mechanism2R910.00
Forstner Bit: 22mm5R85.00
Forstner Bit: 25mm5R113.00
Forstner Bit: 38mm7R170.00
Forstner Bit: 40mm6R185.00
Forstner Bit: 45mm1R198.00

Multi Angle Drill (MAD) Bits

Multi Angle Drill (MAD) Bits These bits have a 130mm long shaft, making them ideal for drilling the hole through a salt or pepper mill blank. Their 9 different cutting edges give them more functions than Forstner bits. They work on the same principle as a Forstner bit with the cutting action driven by the outside rim.
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MAD Bit: 25mm1R151.00

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