Making payments
Payments can be made directly into our bank account or using using Visa or Mastercard credit cards via Monsterpay or Payfast.

Our preferred method of receiving your payment is by EFT or direct deposits to our account. This costs us much less and means that we are able to keep our prices low for you. There is no difference in the time it takes us to process your order if you email payment confirmation to us at

When you enter credit card details onto Monsterpay or Payfast, your information is not seen or stored by MrWoodturner. All your sensitive information is securely handled by the payment gateway. Once your payment has been collected from your card, MrWoodturner simply receives a notification that your payment was successful and we are able to process your order.

EFT Payments and Direct Deposits
If you would prefer not to disclose your information or you don't have a credit card, you can make payments directly into our bank account, either using internet banking, ATM banking or by making a cash deposit directly into our bank account. When you place an order using EFT / Direct Payment you will receive an email giving you details of the bank account into which to deposit your funds and the payment reference to use with your payment.

Your order will not be dispatched until we have received the payment confirmation from your bank. Make sure you request a confirmation to be sent to us when making your payment to avoid delays in processing your order.
Our bank account is held at FNB and if you bank with FNB, we will receive your payment instantly.

Payfast is a secure and reputable payment gateway.

You must register with Payfast to create a Payfast user account. This is not an account with Mr Woodturner and the login details need not be the details you used to log in to Mr Woodturner. Every time you check out, you will be required to log in to your Payfast account using your Payfast password. When you set up a Payfast account, make sure that you do not forget the password that you have used.

Monsterpay is a secure and reputable payment gateway.

You can either create an account or log in using the secure Monsterpay one time pin sent to your email address. With Monsterpay, you do not need to remember a password. On occasion, Monsterpay will ask you to verify your credit card details by requesting a small payment that you can then confirm to them. This is done to prevent fraud and for your protection.
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