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Economy Chairman (Elite) FOUNTAIN Pen Kit: 12K Gold


This pen is the Chairman PLUS! With its patterned cap and center band, this fountain pen kit is an attractive addition to the version that is popular with the men as it's easier for larger hands to hold. It is also one of the best for showing off that special piece of wood! Making this pen is both challenging and exciting. Oversized blanks are recommended.

Turning tips
Drilling the hole through acrylics is challenging with the Chairman pen, as the large drill bit can overheat easily. Drill very small sections out at a time and clear the swarf frequently to prevent this.
The edges of the blank must be trimmed using a parting tool, as the pen is too big for a barrel trimmer.

Finish: 12 Carat Gold plating (thickness 20 microns) coated with epoxy for durability

Type: Fountain Pen using fountain pen ink cartridge refill.

Nib: Iridium nib, made in Germany

Skill level: Challenging

Tools required Recommended blank size: Minimum 20mm x 20mm x 130mm

Approximate dimensions of finished pen: 145mm long x 15mm diameter

Country of Origin: China

  • Model: Chairman (Elite) FOUNTAIN Pen Kit: 12K Gold
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