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1 Micron Air Cleaner: Double Garage


Micro clean air filters are designed to remove airborne dust particles from the air in the workshop. They are compact, lightweight and very quiet in operation.
They are capable of running for long periods of time while you work, and for best results, left running for a period after the dust producing activity has finished.

When in operation they quietly clean and filter the air, trapping dust particles in the filter medium. Most woodworkers will have had experience of
leaving the workshop nice and tidy, but then the next day discovering a layer of dust has settled on all horizontal surfaces overnight.
The micro clean is designed to prevent completely or drastically minimise that phenomenon.

An air cleaner should be used in conjunction with a dust extractor for maximum dust control.

MC760 has an airflow rate of 780 cubic metres per hour. Therefore it is suitable for a workshop with a volume of up to 78 cubic metres, roughly equal to a double garage.
For example: Floor area 7m (23’) x 5m (16’) x height 2.2m (9’).

Designed to sit on a shelf, sit on a bench or be wall mounted.

Locate either: close to the centre of the room to create the best airflow, or locate closer to the source of the dust to filter it out of the air as quick as possible.

  • Model: 1 Micron Air Cleaner: Double Garage
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