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Economy Drilling Centre Vise


DRILLCENTE Self-Centering “Drilling Center” Vise:

This vise will consistently position your wood blank flawlessly for drilling holes through the exact center.
The blanks can be any shape and be a maximum width of 1-1/2”

Set up for drilling

Place a rod, 3/8” or larger, in a drill press. If a rod is not available use a drill bit. Open the vise jaws
and close the jaws with the rod gripped by the slots in the jaws. When centered, clamp the vise onto
the drill press table (clamping nearer to the center works best). Adjust the drill press table, if necessary,
for proper depth of cut.

Be sure the vise is flat and perpendicular to the drill press. Use a level if necessary.

Position Scrap Material

A channel is provided under the center jaws to allow a 2” wide x 1/4” thick scrap. Slide and flip the scrap
material for a clean finish everytime you drill.

Drilling the blank

Cut a blank to your desired length. The blank should be centered exactly. Insert the blank into the vise
jaw slots, and lowered onto the wood scrap; turn knurled nut to adjust the lever and nut to close jaws
tightly. You are also able to change the bits or blanks as necessary without recentering the vise.

  • Model: Drilling Centre Vise
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