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Superglue Finishing Starter Pack


Contents -

- Abranet Sanding Paper : 240 / 400 / 600 gritt
- Teflon Bushings
- Acetone
- Linen Cloth (white)
- Facial Tissues
- Superglue, SQ (thin)
- Superglue, MQ (thick)
- Accelerator
- Wet Sanding Paper : 400 / 800 / 1 000 / 1 500 / 2 000 / 2 500 gritt
- Silvo, silver polish
- Polishing Cloth


For safety purposes, pour a bit of Acetone into a small container, to remove superglue of fingers, in case of spillage.

Turn the blanks to desired size using the steel pen bushings. Reduce speed and sand with 240, 400 and 600 Abranet sanding paper while lathe is turning at about 1500 rpm.

Stop the lathe and sand blanks with 800 gritt sanding paper (with the grain)

Remove blanks from mandrell and insert Teflon bushings between the blanks. Turn on lathe and clean blanks with linen cloth dipped into acetone. Leave to dry for few seconds.

Adjust speed to around 1200 rpm. Fold facial tissue to +/-25mm wide.

Apply one layer of thin superglue directly on blank, while holding facial tissue at bottom of blank (just touching). Leave to dry for about 20 seconds.

Apply one layer of thick superglue (as per method above). Wait about 5 seconds and spray accelerator on blanks (keep tin about 300mm away while spraying)

Repeat the above step another three times and wait about 30 seconds, between each application.

Apply one layer of thin superglue and allow to dry (+/_ 20 seconds). (Do not spray accelerator)

Cut the wet sanding (800, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500) paper into 25mm strips. Pour water into separate container and put the sanding paper into the water.

Adjust the lathe speed to +/_ 1500 rpm.

Use 800 gritt wet sanding paper and sand the blanks for a few seconds, continuously moving the sanding paper across the blanks. Stop lathe and check blanks (surface should be smooth)

Start lathe and repeat the above step with the 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500 sanding paper. Stop lathe and check if blanks are smooth.

Start lathe and apply Silvo directly on blank, polish for a few seconds, till Silvo is dry.

Stop lathe and polish off excess Silvo, with polishing cloth.

Carefully remove blanks from Teflon bushings. Lightly sand ends of blanks with 400 gritt wet sanding paper.

Blanks are now ready for assembly.

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