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Micro-Mesh Cloth-Backed (9 Piece Finishing Set)


The following recommendations for using Micro-Mesh will help you get a high quality shine and the most efficient use from the product. Micro-Mesh works well for wood, synthetics, antler, and bone/horn ... in fact, anything you want to polish to a glass-like surface. For acrylics and plastics, it is the only finish that you'll need!

After turning, sand to 600-grit with any conventional sandpaper. Sanding beyond 600-grit is unnecessary as the 1500-grade of Micro-Mesh is just a little finer than your 600-grit sandpaper.

We have found that folding the Micro-Mesh in half (length-wise) and holding it at the top and bottom works best. Hold the Micro-Mesh to the blank using light pressure, and move it continuously to keep fresh "unloaded" abrasive next to the work. This will reduce heat build-up, cause less "gumming" from oilier woods, and provide an overall better appearance. Using too much pressure, or holding it against the blank with your hand may create too much heat build-up. This can melt the abrasive off of the cloth backing, and will create a smearing of the material on your turned item whilst also reducing the life of your Micro-Mesh. If you do melt the Micro-Mesh, you can drop to a lower grade to remove the build-up. Alternatively, you can stop the lathe and rub it off with your thumb as it will leave a sticky, tape-like residue.

To clean your Micro-Mesh, it can be wiped off with a soft cloth, or it may be blown off with compressed air. For more thorough cleaning, Micro-Mesh can be hand-washed with dish washing soap.

The Micro-Mesh Cloth-Backed (9 Piece Finishing Set) includes the following grits: 1500, 1800, 2400, 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000 and 12000.

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