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Basic Pen-Making Starter Kit (MT1/MT2)


This starter kit contains everything you need to get started in pen-making for a discounted price.

What's inside the Basic Starter Kit?

MT1 Pen Mandrel The pen mandrel is the starting point for turning pens. To turn different styles of pens, the same mandrel is used with different bushings for each style. The mandrel is supplied with five premium Slimline pen bushings.
MT1 to MT2 Converter Sleeve This sleeve is designed to convert any MT1 taper to fit a MT2 fitting.
Pen Mill and Barrel Trimmer Kit Barrel trimmers may be regarded as optional items in pen-making, but once you have used one you will consider it essential. It greatly simplifies the task of getting a perfect edge on your pen barrels.

This barrel trimmer kit contains a carbon steel cutter head which may be used on softer woods. It also contains 4 different pen mills used for cleaning out any glue that may have leaked into the barrel.
HSS Twist Drill Bit: 7mm A 7mm drill bit is required for Slimline pens.
8 Premium Slimline/Fancy Pen Kits and 2 Premium Slimline/Fancy Pencil Kits These pen and pencil kits are our most popular range and are manageable for those new to pen-making. The kits contain instructions and all the parts needed to make your first pens and pencils.
12 Assorted Pen Blanks Ten wood and two acrylic blanks for use with your pen and pencil kits to stimulate your creativity and explore the possibilities available in pen-making.
Superglue 20g Cyanoacrylate Superglue 20g - thick consistency - to use for gluing your pen tubes into your pre-drilled blanks, or to achieve a high-gloss finish on your completed blank.
Premium Slimline Pen Tube Set A spare set of replacement pen tubes for a Slimline/Fancy pen kit.

The picture shows an assortment of completed Slimline pens and pencils as an example of what can be made with these kits. You will not receive any completed pens or pencils in your starter pack. The actual pen/pencil kits and acrylic/wood pen blanks supplied may differ from those shown in the picture.

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