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Polymer Clay Starter Kit


This starter kit contains everything you need to get started in Polymer Clay pen-making for a discounted price.

What's inside the Polymer Clay Starter Kit?

Polymer Clay Mandrel This mandrel will help you with 3 important functions. First, it provides a platform to mount your pen bushings and tubes so that you can size and roll the cane to the proper diameter. Second, it features extra-large diameter end bushings to help you raise the pen barrels above the baking platform during the curing process. Finally, you can mount the mandrel onto your lathe or power drill chuck to sand and finish your pen.
Polymer Clay Slicing Blades Cut, slice and trim with these super sharp, super thin and stiff stainless steel blades Includes a set of 2. Size: 152mm long x 19mm wide x 0.22mm thick.
Polymer Clay Tube Cutter Set (5 Pieces) After you have rolled your clay into a smooth, thin sheet, you use the cutter to press out and cut a rectangular shape to fit the size of your brass pen kit tube. You then wrap this clay sheet around your pen kit tube. Includes 5 cutters to match the most popular pen tube diameters: 7mm, 8mm, 9.5mm, 10mm and 10.7mm. The cutter lengths are extra-long so they can be used with any tube length.
Polymer Clay Acrylic Roller Once you have sliced your cane, you can use this roller to manually smooth your cane into the backing clay. Clear acrylic. Size: 127mm x 19mm.
Oven Thermometer It is important to bake your Polymer Clay to a precise temperature and length of time. This thermometer is indispensable to help you with that!
5 Clay Bricks, and 5 Clay Canes This backing brick is the foundation of your Polymer Clay project. Start off your project by rolling and folding this brick for a few minutes to condition and flatten it into a thin layer. You will then add on the Polymer Clay Cane onto this backing clay. 56 grams and you can create 4-6 pens with each brick.
2 Sierra/Elegant Sierra Kits, 2 Premium Slimline/Fancy Pen Kits, 2 Key Ring Kits These pen kits and key rings are our most popular range and are manageable for those new to pen-making. The kits contain instructions and all the parts needed to make your first pens.

The picture shows an assortment of completed pens an example of what can be made with these Polymer Kit. You will not receive any completed pens or in your starter pack. The actual pen kits and Polymer Bricks and Canes supplied may differ from those shown in the picture.

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