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Forstner Bit: 40mm


40mm Forstner Bit manufactured from high quality carbon tool steel with precision ground 8mm shank.

What is a Forstner bit and how is it used?
A Forstner bit is a particular type of drill bit that is often used in furniture making and other woodworking projects. They are usually more expensive than standard twist bits, but they have a few unique features that make them desirable.

Most drills are guided through the material by a central point, but Forstner bits are primarily guided by the outside rim. This means that they can be used to drill pocket holes, which are holes drilled at an angle; partially overlapping holes; and holes that are on the edge of the material. Note that the central spur in the bit is used to locate and demarcate the center-point as opposed to being the drill guide.

In addition to the previously mentioned benefits, Forstner bits create square-bottomed holes which may be required for certain applications or projects. They are very efficient at removing large amounts of material in short periods of time.

Forstner bits are particularly effective for boring large diameter holes using a wood lathe and can be used to create perfect holes into which a shaft can be fitted or as a starting point for items to be hollowed out such as bowls.

A necessity for every woodturner!

  • Model: 40mm
  • Shipping Weight: 155grams
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  • Manufactured by: Tork Craft

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