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Category: Chucks


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  • 2.75″ 4 – Jaw key chuck with CK – 2.75 Z-DJDD dovetails jaws pre-mounted, screw chuck in carton 1″ x 8TPI


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  • Chuck diameter is 3.75″ (95mm), Chucks are direct threaded with options of:

    • M33 x 3.5mm
    • 1.1/4″ x 8tpi
    • 1″ x 8tpi

    Supplied with standard set of jaws:

    Grip Expand
    Minimum: 40mm 55mm
    Maximum: 65mm 80mm
    Optimum: 45mm 58mm

    Jaw depth is 12mm with dovetail inside and outside

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  • Main Features:

    * The Creative Turning G3 chuck has exactly the same quality level as the Nova G3 chucks

    * Compatible with Nova and Record chucks

    * Direct Threaded with M33 and comes with 1inch x 8tpi insert

    * Powerful and quick-lock geared action

    * Composite indexing backing plate

    * T-bar for convenient one hand operation

    * Excellent Woodturning profile on Jaws to cut into and grip wood-fibers firmly

    * Precision machined from solid steel

    * 4-Jaws Lock down solidly

    * Light weight with less overhang which is perfect for mini, midi and smaller lathes with up to 14″ diameter swing

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  • Key Operated Woodturning Chuck Set

    At 63mm (2 1/2″)diameter with a 1″x8tpi thread, this little chuck is sure to prove popular with turners of small scale and miniature items. Key operated for one handed operation; the scrolling action is very smooth and gives an extremely positive grip. Complete with a comprehensive range of additional jaws and a screw chuck adaptor it will be suitable for a host of different applications. 24 position indexing is possible as the backplate has provision at the rear and around the circumference. Precision engineered and a joy to use, this is a great package and excellent value too.


    * 2-1/2″ 4-jaw key chuck 1″x8TPI

    * Round jaws pre-mounted

    * Step jaws

    * Pin jaws

    * Wide jaws

    * Screw chuck

    * 3mm T handle allen key

    * Indexing back plate

    * Blow mould case

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  • Adaptor to fit chucks with M33x3.5 Thread to lathes with 1inchx8tpi spindle thread

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